Drill into the metrics that matter most to you.

Our reporting platform analyzes more than 150 data points, allowing you to view your business and customers from 10,000 ft, or to dive down into a single transaction by a single customer. No other platform provides you with more personalized and powerful insights into your business, transactions, and guests.

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Advanced Customer Insights

Create presentation-ready reports detailing who your customers are, what promotions and offers entice them to visit, where and when they’re buying,
how they’re engaging with your campaigns, and why they choose your brand over your competitors’. Use your next-level data to create personalized,
targeted omni-channel campaigns that increase engagement and profits across all guest touchpoints.



Use market-level insights of how guests engage with your campaigns to create more personalized, compelling messages.

Offer Redemptions

Optimize your promotions with data on how your customers respond to your discounts and offers – when they engage, and when they pass.


Fuel your business intelligence with info on what your customers are buying, how often, and when and where they purchase across your revenue channels.

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Transaction Reports

Slice and dice your customer data with a comprehensive breakdown of your customers’ buying habits, spend, frequency, and recency. These reports are designed with flexibility in mind – you get the insights you are looking for, and every report is presentation-ready with easy-to-read visuals that bring the data to life.

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