.Price Optimization

Unlock your pricing power

Personica increases your bottom line with the industry’s most holistic and forward-focused pricing model. We use demand-based econometric pricing, advanced analytics, and risk assessment to give you profit-boosting, data-driven recommendations with predictable results.

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Make informed, data-driven price adjustments

Our data-driven approach to pricing analytics empowers you to make profitable decisions with confidence.

Price Optimization

Maximize flow-through

Set the right menu and prices at the right time, in the right location and channel.

Analyze risk

Understand probable outcomes to make better decisions and higher profit – with less risk.

Think big-picture

Drive price strategy decisions with transaction data analysis from all of your sales channels.

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Econometric Pricing

Rely on decision-science for a menu pricing strategy that mitigates price change risks and increases the profitability of each transaction.

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Competitor menu price analysis in your segment and markets – accurate, timely and affordable.

Menu Optimization

Go beyond a one-size-fits-all menu.

Profit Services

Challenging strategic decisions? Reliable, data-based recommendations.