.Menu Optimization

Right size. Right experience. Right returns.

Streamline, innovate, and design your menu for optimal profitability by combining guest research with transaction data and business expertise.

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Create one-size-fits-one menus.

Personica’s menu optimization solution uses a proprietary blend of key customer opinions
and actual POS demand data for optimal menu evaluation.

Menu Optimization


Find the combination of menu items that appeals to the greatest number of guests via Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF).


Identify products to remove in order to simplify execution and build profit with less risk.


Add new products that have the strongest potential to attract new customers and increase guest frequency.

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All eyes are on digital menus

Digital menus provide even more opportunities for personalization. Use guest ordering data to pair featured menu items with targeted promotions for increased sales.

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Guest & Market Research

Build a deep understanding of your customers and your competitive position in the marketplace with guest feedback and demographic data.

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Price Optimization

Unlock your pricing power.

Competitor menu price analysis in your segment and markets – accurate, timely and affordable.

Profit Services

Challenging strategic decisions? Reliable, data-based recommendations.