Harness the power of guest data to create targeted and personalized experiences.

Your member and guest data are your secret sauce to making every touchpoint a personalized moment. We help you collect and analyze data across campaigns, promotions, guest behavior, redemptions, and transactions to give you deep insights you can use to customize guest experiences – digitally and face-to-face.

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Personica helps you leverage the power of guest data to create personalized connections with your customers, whether you’re interacting with many, a specific group, or a single guest. We’re building you a 360 degree view across each of your guests’ engagements, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and design personalized journeys that resonate.

The building blocks of a powerful CRM platform

Personal Intelligence

Use Personica’s Member Profiles give you the ability to craft personalized guest experiences and effective marketing campaigns based on your guests’ preferences, habits, and spending patterns.

Campaign Intelligence

Design, adapt, and monitor guest campaign interactions across your channels. Leverage real-time engagement data to optimize your offers and promotions for maximum impact. Create journeys and segmentation to target your guests with the right offer at the right time.

Redemption Intelligence

Each guest’s redemption data provides valuable insights into their purchase habits and preferences. Get granular with details on when, how, and why they are engaging with or passing on your promotions and offers.

Transaction Intelligence

Collecting, tracking, and analyzing exactly when, where, how, and what your customers buy can help you optimize menus and better tailor your marketing to each individual customer. Personica helps you translate your guests’ purchasing habits into targeted engagement strategies throughout the customer journey.

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