Case Study: Targeting with Detailed Guest Personas

Published On: December 10, 2020

The Challenge

A regional, full-service restaurant asked:

  • Who are my guests?
  • What are the behaviors of the segments that visit my stores?
  • What are the behaviors and preferences of these segments outside of my stores?

The Solution

By analyzing POS, Email, Survey, and Online Data with Personica’s Guest Analytics platform, the client was able to draw trends in dining behavior among groups of guests. Demographic and psychographic data was appended to this analysis and Guest Analytics modeled the data into personas: groups of members with statistically significant differences in traits.

The Results

The chain found that 72% of their members fell into 4 distinct personas. Thanks to the demographic and psychographic data for each persona, they were able to craft targeted acquisition and messaging campaigns based on the actual preferences and behaviors of their guests.

Targeted email campaigns resulted in higher open rates across the board. The biggest bumps in effectiveness were observed in affluent families, who saw open rates increase from 18% to 24%, and elite nesters who saw open rates increase from 18% to 29%.

Moving forward

The client tracks guest data to stay aware of each persona’s role in the business and to continue to deliver targeted, personalized, and relevant messaging.


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