Case Study: Using Personalization and Data to Boost Conversion Rates

Published On: January 25, 2021

The Challenge:

A national FSR casual restaurant chain wanted to boost the ROI and average conversion rates of their email campaigns. This brand had a standing ROI of 4.58X on a single email campaign and an average conversion rate (defined as transactions/clicks) of 4.0%.

Over the past few years, this brand has focused on strategic segmentation in their marketing campaigns, testing the effectiveness of subject lines, frequency buckets, creative content, and brand engagement buckets (High Engagers, Medium Engagers, Low Engagers, Non-Engagers).

Knowing that personalization is the key to connecting with customers, they partnered with Personica to expand testing initiatives in an annual campaign promoting burgers. By using known POS data to create advanced segmentation and personalized campaign assets, Personica hoped to help this client better engage with guests, boost ROI, and increase conversion rates.

The Solution:

By using transaction data to identify known consumer behaviors, the Personica team created individual campaign segments specifically targeting guests’ burger preferences. Personica used integrated guest transaction data from the brand’s POS system to break the campaign into three customized segments – Burger A Buyers, Burger B Buyers, and Burger C Buyers. Each segment of buyers received messaging with customized subject lines, imagery, and copy based on the identified POS data.

Segment Creation:
Within the Personica Engage platform, segmentation is incredibly easy to program. Using tags and transaction data uploaded from the client’s POS, the team created the three burger segments. With Personica’s advanced segmentation capabilities, users can be targeted based on any data field – acquisition method, transaction history, location, engagement habits, and more.

Tracking Methodology:
To track clicks and conversion rates, the Personica team created unique UTM codes via Google Analytics. Each campaign segment received a unique UTM link.

The Results: 

Personalized campaign efforts for the Burgers campaign yielded an ROI of 59.3X, an increase of +54.72X over the average 4.58X ROI. More specifically, the Burger A campaign had a ROI of 65.8X, Burger B had a ROI of 51.9X, and Burger C had a ROI of 58.6X.

Conversion Rates also yielded a major increase. The conversion rate for the Burgers campaign was 26.42%, an increase of +22.42% over the average 4% conversion rate. The Burger A campaign had a conversion rate of 31%, Burger B had a conversion rate of 26%, and Burger C had a conversion rate of 22%.

Chart showing campaign results of personalized burger marketing campaign.

  • Burger A had a 65.8X Roi / 31% conversion rate
  • Burger B had a 51.9X ROI / 26% conversion rate
  • Burger C had a 58.6X ROI / 22% conversion rate

The main takeaway? Personalization works. The more restaurants can use known guest information to create customized messaging, the more effective their marketing efforts will be.

To learn more about how Personica can help you increase your campaign ROI and conversion rates with personalized messaging, talk to one of our marketing experts today.


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