Product Integration Manager

Your Role

  • As a Product Integration Manager, you will have responsibilities throughout the process of successfully integrating new partners; from explaining our processes and aiding with technical integration to managing a positive long-term relationship.
  • To manage existing relationships with partners, proactively resolving product-related issues by identifying and delivering solutions.
  • To maximize trust by serving accounts as an internal advocate and an external resource.
  • To identify and communicate partner needs for future product development and deploy the ideas to key stakeholders such as management, product and development.
  • Working closely with internal and external stakeholders; including the product and development team, clients, client facing teams, business strategy and operational teams.
  • To actively contribute within your team wherever possible and contribute to company’s culture of learning. You will communicate with your team frequently; keeping them informed about milestones, progress and any issues with assigned tasks.
  • Manage and track an onboarding pipeline offering transparency of ongoing and completed projects all at all times.
  • To create demand, need and a sense of urgency with partners thus fostering demand and allowing the negotiation of attractive set-up fees while driving future interest in new products.
  • To help design and implement processes which ensure customer needs are recognised and work closely with product management to ensure suitable solutions are developed.
  • To direct and coordinate implementation processes of new products and features, working closely with internal and external stakeholders.

About You

  • You hold a bachelor degree in Business Management or relevant field
  • You have at least 1 year experience in Product Integration, preferably with fast growing Internet start-ups
  • You are an enthusiastic, actively contributing, team player
  • You strive to contribute to a friendly and productive work environment and recognize the value of personal relationships, curiosity and teamwork towards achieving goals.
  • You strive to create and optimize processes and increase efficiency; ensuring partners and team members feel well served and supported.
  • You are exceptionally well organized and able to efficiently handle tasks at a high frequency while ensuring quality.
  • You will be perfectly prepared at all times when speaking to partners.
  • Know the partner
  • Anticipate his problems
  • Have perfect documents to hand out (excellent looking, smart and consistent)
  • Be willing to use familiar analogies when explaining our novel process
  • You are willing to learn and open to accept feedback.
  • You are comfortable leading both technical and strategic integrations conversations with our customers and partners
  • You have exceptional oral and written communication skills

Please submit your resumé with a cover letter to us at