Where does Delightable fit into your MarTech Stack?

Published On: April 10, 2023

We know, we know. The last thing you need is another component for your technology stack.

Like most of our restaurant partners and clients, you’re already juggling a lot of marketing tech.

We’re guessing you have bulletproof solutions for online reservations and ordering. Are you taking orders from other online delivery platforms like Grubhub or Uber Eats? What about an automated booking platform for events? How about catering? Yes to any of these? Please check all the boxes that apply.

You’re probably interacting with guests through email or text to promote offers or build loyalty right? Go ahead and check those boxes too.

How are you handling social media? What about reviews? Do you have multiple accounts across different regions with lots of users? Are you using publishing tools to make posting easier? Great! Place a check next to all of those.

Finally, what are you doing for guests are they are on site or in the restaurant? POS? Free WiFi? Rewards? Yeah?! More checks!

And for all these solutions, it’s not uncommon to have multiple users, sometimes in different locations, geographies or even states. If you find this to be true, you know what to do.

We know what you’re facing. Our clients tell us that chief among their pain points is managing multiple accounts, users, profiles and passwords across their technology investments. Solutions that were originally meant to streamline marketing are now creating their own inefficiencies.

It turns out, if you’ve got more than one check mark, you’re a great candidate for Delightable.

Why? Because Delightable isn’t a CRM. It’s a mighty GRM that fits right into your MarTech ecosystem.

We connect all your transactional and engagement data – from point of sale, reservations, delivery, online ordering and more. If you have access to a platform, we can connect to it.

And that’s when the magic begins.

Delightable Marketing Technology Stack

Once we’re connected, we can get organized. Delightable harmonizes guest data from all your platforms to create 360° guest profiles. Rather than fragmented glimpses of guest behavior, we bring your data together to create structured, more complete guest profiles – including habits, preferences, interactions, transactions and more.

Enrichment comes next. We map those profiles against our database of 225 million records to refine target audiences. This becomes the rocket fuel that will take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

Enter the Delightable Marketing Engine: Customized audience segmentation, multi-channel messaging (like email, SMS, In-App, Push, Social), local store marketing, offers, loyalty and reporting are all more effective when you take all your data, amplify it with ours, and use it to reach more guests on the Delightable platform.

And because it’s your data, you can use it to power other marketing solutions too.

One ring to rule them all? Maybe.

But for sure, Delightable not only fits into your MarTech ecosystem, it makes your investments into other solutions all the more valuable.

Schedule a demo and see if it all checks out.



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