Vol. 7: Content Marketing Tips You Can Use Now

Published On: April 9, 2020

We continue to see client email membership grow and engagement rates increase, further proof that customers are paying increasing attention to brands they know and trust. Seize this unique opportunity to deepen relationships with your best customers, across all media formats, by deploying these five ‘A to E’ principles for content marketing during these extraordinary times.

  • Be bold in conveying how your brand is working to serve the community, and ensure the safety of its customers, employees, and community during this time.
  • Ensure location operating hours and service modifications are current on your website, social handles, and all location listing sites.

Blocking and Tackling

  • It’s easy to overlook the basics – ensure the customer’s path to initiating and completing a takeout or delivery order is as frictionless as possible. Review your systems regularly.
  • Simplify all messages and over-communicate. Set a routine or cadence for conveying your various messages to reduce complexity for your customers and employees. For this week, make Easter takeout

Call to Kindness

  • Humanize your brand by moderating self-promotion, and display empathy and compassion by using your content platforms for a greater good.
  • Tell the unique stories of employees or local heroes. Encourage your fans, followers, and subscribers to do the same, and amplify them loudly.

Demonstrate Differentiation

  • Many brands are pulling back the curtain by delivering ingredients, producing online cooking classes, and more. Before joining the fray, isolate the 2-3 defining attributes of your brand’s DNA, and build unique, compelling content around those things.

Engage Your Community

  • Physical neighborhoods also exist online via Nextdoor or Facebook Groups. Use those forums to identify community needs your brand can help solve via gift card or food donation, mobile kitchen visit, etc.
  • Seek out websites working to support local businesses and post your information.
  • Make a lasting mark on your customers and community by cultivating long-term partnerships that will fuel content and goodwill long after this isolated event.


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