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Published On: November 18, 2022

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

This oft-quoted proverb is good commentary for how people build apps today.

As customers, we have high expectations for what tech can do. With today’s modern reservation systems and online ordering, we’re accustomed to getting status updates in real time, with the promise of knowing exactly when and where a dining order will be fulfilled.

At their best, apps use the best available data, the fastest connections and the most reliable cloud-computing to deliver results at the speed of light, in the most reliable and predictable way. The process should be repeatable, and infinitely scalable.

And so as developers, our instincts can be to go fast — and therefore go it alone. Code as quickly as humanly possible to deliver the latest tech in the fastest way.

But without customer context, we’re left with tech for tech’s sake. What makes an app exceptional, is when we go farther, together.

We rely on users (both our customers and their guests) to provide a useful, powerful app that delivers beyond a guest’s expectations. In partnership with our clients, we continually iterate versions that incorporate their feedback with every new feature we introduce. To design and code our app, we view the experience from and end-user’s point of view. We think about scenarios like:

  • “My time is limited. In just a click or two, how can I ensure I can get lunch or dinner for me or my family?”
  • “When I order from my favorite restaurant, I already trust the quality — can I get it any faster?”
  • “I want to enjoy a romantic meal with my partner — how easy is it to book at a time I want to go?”
  • “I’m undecided between ordering in or dining out — is there a deal or reward that can entice me to eat out?”
  • “I’m craving Pad Thai but my go-to restaurant isn’t available — what are my other options?”

Our app updates include features that help users navigate to the information they most want quickly, so it’s easy to place an order or make reservations; auto-populate my name, favorite dish or drink and other information to make a more seamless ordering experience; and the UI/UX functionality is clean, direct and purposeful.

To have a sophisticated app, you need quality code that can handle a large load of resources. It shouldn’t easily break. And it should meet those high user expectations — not just to deliver as intended, but to adapt to their needs as their experience grows.

Collaboration is a continuum. As developers and designers, we rely on user engagement to show us the power and potential of the technology we have coded, so we can continue to provide them the best experience possible. That’s the power of togetherness, and together, let’s go far.

by María Jimena Alvarez, Technical Project Director at Personica


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