Capitalize on Summer to Drive Traffic

Published On: June 11, 2019

Whether your restaurant is starting its first summer or you’ve opened your shutters for 20 years, it is always good to think through options for a summer revamp. Updating your restaurant for the summertime does not have to be difficult. Here are four easy ways you can get ready for a fabulous summer season.

  1. Promote Outdoor Dining
    • If you have patio or curb-side seating, leverage it. Summer has the longest days of the year. Use this to your advantage by creating extended specials or happy hours with the emphasis on being outside.
    • Create a promo allowing people to redeem a discounted dessert or frozen drink if they choose to sit outside.
    • Offer extended brunch hours on the weekend to allow for optimal use of outdoor seating on good weather days.
  2. Create Weekday Specials:
    • Plan out your social media postings and emails so you run exclusive weekday specials for eClub members and followers that run through Labor Day.
    • Fishbowl clients have found that adding activities like Trivia Night and Bingo tend to bring in new customers. By hosting additional social activities, you create additional reasons for guests to patron your restaurant.
    • And remember, old standbys – such as Margarita Monday, Ladies Nights, Wine Wednesday, and Locals Night remain popular and a way to differentiate your store from the one not doing a promotion next door. These can be part of your social media pages as “regular specials”.
  3. Create Holiday and Seasonal Events!
    • Summer has plenty of holidays for which consumers are looking to go out to eat – especially if you are located in a travel destination.
    • Traditional holidays like Father’s Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are rife with opportunity to promote grilled specials and special-themed cocktails.  As there will be competition on these big holidays, plan your promotion strategy and emails early.
  4. If Relevant, Don’t Forget About Your Loyal Locals!
    • If you live in a tourist destination, think about offering local discounts on slower nights for your local guests who are in your eClub.
    • This is a great time to offer a “family night” during your slow times by offering kids under a certain age can eat for free or build a custom menu for them.
    • Summer can also be busy time with the kids out of school and vacations planned so offering quick and easy dinner options (delivery, order online, take out, and etc.) are a great way to serve your local clients that might love your restaurant but don’t want to wait to eat during the summer traffic.

Make the most of your summer by creating fun and engaging ways for your audience. People don’t always just want a meal they want an experience or a social activity.
This blog was written by Zachary Grayson, Fishbowl Marketing Coordinator.


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