PriceWatch Burger Report

Published On: October 9, 2019

September held a Fishbowl favorite holiday… National Cheeseburger Day! What better way to celebrate than feeding your guests one of America’s favorite foods!  Are you a burger brand? Do you offer guests one of America’s favorite foods?  What do you charge for that burger or cheeseburger?  Do you know what your market competitors are charging burger-eating guests?
At Fishbowl we know that on average, a Fast Casual burger in the 10 top national markets will cost $7.51.  If you live and operate in Boston, you will find the most affordable Fast Casual burgers, while LA Fast Casual burgers are the priciest.  Looking at Fast Food burgers, the most affordable ones are found in Houston with the priciest in Boston and New York.
Market to market we see a variation in pricing across various burger items and market segments.  The good ole, American fast food Cheeseburger has an average price of $3.18.  Add some toppings or double it and you will find that the price increases significantly.  Bacon commands a higher price premium than doubling.  The Bacon Burger average price is $5.97 with a double burger coming in at $5.50.
Markets demanding the highest priced premium style burgers include New York, Boston, and Washington, DC, while the most affordable burgers are found in Chicago and Atlanta.  Interested in more burger price details? Curious as to how your brand and market compare other brands in your market and in other markets?
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