5 Easy Ways to Get Millennials to Eat at Your Restaurant

Published On: July 20, 2018

According to a survey conducted by Bankrate, 22% of those between the ages of 18 and 29 dine out or get takeout food seven times a week or more. The “average” 18-29-year-old eats out or buys take-out five times per week.
It’s true; Millennials really are eating out a whole lot. Close to 50% of our monthly food spending goes towards eating out or taking out (source). But – are they (or we, I am a Millennial after all!) eating at or taking out from your restaurant?
Here are a few  facts and easy associated marketing tips to get Millennials in your door, drive- through window or online ordering portal:

  1. It’s true, we’re (mostly) always on our phones
    We check Instagram, Facebook, and even email primarily on our phones. So, this year make sure your emails are mobile-friendly, if not mobile-first – epecially the Call to Action in the body of the email. If you are pointing to your menu on your site, make sure it’s mobile friendly. Online ordering – do the same thing.
  2. Some of us are extreme couponers
    A June 2017 survey by Acosta, a CPG consultancy, found that 51% of Millennials said they look for coupons or offers online for restaurants. This is a great way to capture email addresses and get us on your mailing lists. Add a sign- up or welcome coupon and don’t be afraid to promote this offer. We’ll give up our email address to save a few dollars and chances are we’ll even get our friends to sign up too. In exchange, you get to email (think ability to market to) us whenever you’d like!
  3. Certain offers work, others might not
    According to eMarketer’s, the most popular offer received in an email by 18-34 year olds is percentage off. Next is a dollar off coupon. Know who is using what kinds of coupons – don’t waste time or money pushing out coupons that wont drive us back into your restaurant.
  4. We appreciate authentic content
    We tend to develop emotional connections with brands and these connections matter. Show us authentic content, allow us to leave honest reviews, and reward us for coming back. In another study, 66.6% of Millennials agreed or were indifferent that they trusted brand influencers opinions. Do you work with influencers as part of your overall marketing strategy? Try working with an influencer to create social content that can be trusted.
  5. Reach us where we are
    If we’re watching TV, we’re usually browsing Instagram or checking our email during commercial breaks instead of giving ad spots our undivided attention. Use your email data and segmenting to market in other places – SMS, email messages etc.

It’s no secret that different life stage segments have different dining behaviors – and you’re probably already focusing on Millennials as we have significant purchasing power.  So you’re probably doing one or two of the things on this list. Why not incorporate one more into your strategy?
This blog was written by Alyson McGonigle, Fishbowl’s Marketing Specialist.


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