Dish Society: Putting Digital Data to Work

Published On: August 26, 2020

How Dish Society is Empowered by Consumer Feedback
Connection to consumers via digital means is more important than ever before – including the data produced by the 2-way street of social media interaction. While some restaurant operators view social media data a necessary evil, others embrace it as a rich source of direct guest feedback and an opportunity to grow. With focused attention to social activity, restaurants gain access to one of the most immediate means of direct connection to their guests.

At Dish Society, the Texas-based casual farm to table restaurant, social data is not only viewed as a valuable input, it is incorporated into the brand’s proactive customer satisfaction practice. From commentary to photographs, the Dish Society staff consults guest feedback as part of their ongoing commitment to excellence.

At each location, GMs receive push notification alerts when they received a comment via social media. Within 24 hours, each positive comment receives a response. Knowing that guests are often still in the building as they write reviews, Dish Society tries to respond to any negative comments immediately so they can remedy the situation in real time. In addition to establishing two-way communications, Dish Society put social data to work as an internal quality assurance tool. Reviews are shared and photos are used to help the kitchen team critique plating and presentation – the team monitors performance and makes adjustments as needed.

This responsive approach to guest feedback is just one way that Dish Society regularly delights its guests, earning it a well-deserved #2 spot on Fishbowl’s 2020 list of Emerging Brands. Dish Society thrills guests with great food grown locally, in an approachable environment – and does it consistently. Reviewers rave not only about the shrimp grits, pork belly and chicken biscuits, they also appreciate the “great friendly service” that Dish Society is known for.

Covid-19 Update: Dish Society has a strong plan to remain operational during the Covid-19 outbreak, and their forward thinking and strong digital strategy has positioned them well to continue bringing food to their communities. Dish Society had already established delivery and curbside practices pre-Covid and have now expanded this outlet to include a virtual Farmer’s Market. Locations are opened, order today!

Fishbowl’s Emerging Brands
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