4 Tips to Get the Most Love for Your Valentine’s Day Emails

Published On: January 29, 2018

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  After reviewing results from work we did on behalf of our clients in 2017, we want to share the love and help your messages stand out. Based on Fishbowl’s research, holiday-themed messages outperform “regular,” or non-holiday, messages, so take advantage of these pointers to get the most love (opens) for your messages this year:

  1. Lead off strong (but not too strong).
    Emails with subject lines that included Valentine’s Day messaging have an open rate that is almost 4% higher than non-Valentine’s Day themed subject lines.
  2. Choose your words wisely. 
    Subject lines containing the following words had the highest engagement:

    • Sweet/Sweetheart/Sweeter/Sweetest/Sweeten
    • Love/Lovers/Amore
    • Valentine’s Day symbol/emoji
  3. Plan ahead.
    Always remember to test emojis used in subject lines or email copy across different ESPs, browsers, and devices to ensure they’re consistent.
  4. Be on time.
    The best time to send your emails is the week before Valentine’s Day week. Holiday messaging open rates for the first week of February (2/1-2/7) were 39% higher than the open rates for the week immediately leading up to Valentine’s Day (2/8 – 2/14).

Keep these four tips in mind when planning your Valentine’s Day messages and get the love you deserve from your eClub!
This blog was written by Fishbowl’s Kevin Doyle, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist.


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