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We were Fishbowl. Now we’re Personica.

Twenty years ago, our former brand Fishbowl was founded by a team of restaurant professionals who wanted a better way to connect with their guests. They digitized the concept of the “business card in a fishbowl,” and invented the eClub. Over the last two decades we’ve added analytics software and Promotions, Price and Menu Optimization and Competitive Intelligence, the Engage platform, CRM, Loyalty, and digital data reports – becoming a full marketing technology suite.

We believe the future of customer relationships is rooted in personalization. And we know restaurants are great at it! But somehow with 2020’s massive digital transformation, those high-touch, high-reward guest relationships didn’t transfer into the world of online orders and contactless payments. The restaurant industry is poised to create highly personalized experiences, at scale, both online and on-premise. Personica is dedicated to helping the industry chart this new future, meeting each guest where they want, in the moment they want, the way they want and with the experiences they want.

Our Customer Promise

Personica is committed to helping our customers develop lasting guest relationships and maximize the full value of every transaction. We make this promise to you: we operate with our values at the top of our minds and the forefront of every interaction and product innovation. You are our guests, and we promise to be champions of your success.

Engaged, High-Value Service

High Velocity Product Innovation

Data-Driven Perspectives & Actions

Local Restaurant & Marketing Expertise

Obsession With Measurable Results


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We embody a culture of growth and hospitality, supporting each other and our clients while always moving forward.

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Seamless Integration

Personica’s ecosystem of industry-leading partners ensures all of your vital information and tools are in one place – from POS and
online order data to loyalty program messaging and business intelligence.

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